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Here is the final report from a study we supported:  Good news ~


Cyclopamine Study

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Katie Anderson is a veterinary student at the University of Minnesota.  She is working with Dr. Modiano and Dr. Matthew Mescher on an immunotherapy study that GREYlong is supporting.

Here is a clip from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Profile's magazine.  See second paragraph.

We wish her every success!


Katie Anderson - Univ. of Minn


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We will reprint this article in our next newsletter.

Picture taken by Liz Banfield.


Dr. Modiano

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GREYlong sent the University of Minnesota $5,000 in support of their study on Hemangiosarcoma in canines.  This trial led by Dr. Modiano and Ms. Borgatti and Dr. Vallera will evaluate the safety and efficacy of a bispecific ligand targeted toxin to treat canine hemangiosarcoma.  The trial has support from the Angiosarcoma Awarements, Inc.


Wishing them every success!




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We are sharing the letter GREYlong received on the study we supported:


Texas A&M